Ambassador Evuna Andeme is made Honorary Member of the Latin American Group of Ambassadors in London


GRULA1On May 22, 2015, the Ambassador of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in London, attended a working lunch that gathers all Ambassadors of Latin America accredited to Great Britain on a monthly basis. During this lunch, Ambassador Mari-Cruz Evuna Andeme was welcomed and accepted as an Honorary Member of the GRULA (Grupo de Latin America).

The title of Honorary Member, given to Ambassador Evuna Andeme, was a clear expression from the Latin American Group of Ambassadors of the importance they attach to the functions of Mrs. Evuna Andeme in the London diplomatic scene which are essential to the interests of the GRULA and Hispanic Heritage.

The participation of Ambassador Evuna Andeme to this working lunch coincided with the introduction of two diplomatic personalities in London: namely, the Executive Director of the International Sugar Organization, José Orive Vides and the Director of the London Academy of Diplomacy, Professor Joseph Mifsud. Both invitees and Ambassador Evuna made brief statements on the nature of their business, their visions for the future and the opportunities available in their institutions for the benefit of GRULA members.GRULA2

For Ambassador Evuna Andeme, these types of gatherings are a pure reflection of the policies of the Government of Equatorial Guinea, which advocates a true rapprochement with the countries of Latin America, moving away from geopolitical considerations, the obstacles resulting from these, and standing strong in its genuine aspiration to achieve the noble objectives of exchange and friendship.

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