La Caldera de Luba


Also in Bioko island you will find a dramatic national park which includes one of the richest ecosystems in West Africa: La Caldera de Luba. The Luba Crater Scientific Reserve is a protected area of 51,000 hectares and is the … Continue reading



Bata is the second largest city of Equatorial Guinea with a population of around 70,000 people. It lies on the Atlantic Ocean coast of Rio Muni. The city is a transport hub and port, from which ferries sail to Malabo … Continue reading



Malabo, the capital based in Bioko, is a lively and cosmopolitan city. Downtown you’ll find evidence of its colonial past, when Malabo was first the British naval station of Port Clarence on lease from Spain, later renamed Santa Isabel when … Continue reading

Corisco Island


Corisco is a small, stunningly beautiful island located 29 km southwest of the Rio Muni estuary that defines the border with Gabon. This paradise island, whose name derives from the Portuguese word for lightning, has an area of just 14 … Continue reading

Local Providers

Local Providers

Airports Malabo International Airport Bata International Airport Annobón – San Antonio de Palé Airport Corisco Airport Mongomeyen Airport Airlines and Carriers Iberia – +240 333093161 Ceiba – +240 333040922 Air France – +240 333094512 Royal Air Maroc – +212 522489797 … Continue reading



Hotels Malabo Hilton – +240 333096811 Sofitel Presidential Palace – +240 333099940 Sofitel Malabo Sipopo Le Golf – +240 350091010 Mango Suites (Hotel Boutique) – +240 333096333 Ibis – +240 333098965 Bahia II – +240 333093121 El Castillo – +240 … Continue reading

Eating and Going Out


Malabo Restaurants La Luna Pizza II Bidji Biñia Icef Malabo Imagine Gue Gue Delice de France La Gaviotta El Caribe Cristania Tamar Tivoli Casinos Casa Barco Pubs and Discos Café Malabo Buddha Bar Tope Lounge and Bar Sport II La … Continue reading

General Information

General Information

Department of Tourism, Malabo Telephone: +240 333098221 Enjoy Equatorial Guinea Facebook Twitter Instagram WordPress Currency: Equatorial Guinea is part of the French Monetary Area, and the Bank of Central African States (Banque des Etats de l’Afrique Centrale), which issues … Continue reading

Tour Operators

Tour Operators

Satguru Travels, Malabo: +240 551242292 Agencies Africa Voyage, Malabo: +240 333091891 Atlas E.C.E.N.C.S.L., Bata: +240 333081324, +240 333081325 Halcon Viajes, Malabo and Bata: +240 333090559, +240 333741140 Siewe Services and Consulting, Malabo: +240 333092712 Viajes Guinea Ecuatorial SA, Malabo: +240 … Continue reading

Touristic Hot Spots


Touristic Hot Spots Alena Beach, Bioko Island Bioko Island Valley of Moka Ilachi Falls Ureca Seven Doors and beach Lake of Moka Basilé Peak Mainland monteallennationalpark Monte Alén National Park (Evinayong) Akok Sakira (Nzork) Stone Bell (Nzork) Estuary of the … Continue reading