Equatorial Guinea takes part in 39th African Inter-parliamentary Union Conference


Within the framework of the 39th African Inter-parliamentary Union Conference, being held in Rabat, Morocco, two Equatoguinean parliamentarians took part on 4th November in a meeting of the APU Committee of Women Parliamentarians.


Under the banner “The contribution by African parliaments towards the fight against the trafficking and work of women and children”, the representatives of the people from the African parliaments, among them the senator Silvia Paloma Obono Edjang and the deputy Natividad Ondo Bindang, from the Parliament of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, met in order to analyse, debate and seek possible solutions for reducing or eliminating a problem that every year affects more than two million people, in particular women and children.

The APU Committee of Women Parliamentarians considers that the trafficking of persons, which in the last thirty years has increased considerably as a modern form of slavery and, as such, a violation of the rights of man, under which women and children are trapped in a network of exploitation and abuse which constitutes a crime, and which the States must suppress through the law.

According to the committee, although exact figures are unknown, it is calculated that in recent decades tens of millions of women and children from third-world countries have been victims of sexual trafficking, especially girls from poor families, who are tricked by the possibility of work and studies, or who have been kidnapped or sold, to then be subjected to the worst kinds of work in dangerous environments, to serve as sex slaves, or be forces into other illegal activities such as drug trafficking, prostitution, or to serve as child soldiers in armed conflicts.

Along these lines, Silvia Paloma Obono Edjang and Natividad Ondo Bindang, together with the other women making up the committee, included a series of recommendations in the resolution that they will present to the presidents of the APU parliaments, in order to adopt actions and initiatives against these abuses. This will highlight the monitoring and application of laws and other measures, in addition to strengthening measures, in the fight against this scourge.

Source: Senate Communication Office
Equatorial Guinea Press and Information Office

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