President Obiang calls for a national dialogue with political opposition

President Obiang


At the end of August, President Obiang announced that a national political dialogue would take place in Equatorial Guinea this November, encouraging all opposition parties, both in the country and exiled, to be a part of the discussion. As part of this dialogue, the Government will ask opposition parties to seek full legalisation, or have them become integrated within the already-legalised parties. On this, President Obiang stated: “We are aware that the exercise of democracy is incompatible with exclusion, intolerance and disqualification”. As such, this promotion of political inclusivity by the Government will help to encourage more widespread political participation within the country.President Obiang

The announcement of this dialogue has been well-received by both opposition groups and the larger international community. The Spanish Government released an official statement on this issue, hailing the Equatoguinean Government for promoting this dialogue. In a recent visit by a Gabonese delegation of the exiled opposition, the delegation’s spokesman stated that “everything has changed [here]; in my opinion this is like another galaxy, for what little I have been able to see”. Thus, this dialogue is a significant step in the country’s continuing development.

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