The UMAC Council of Ministers validates the themes for the CEMAC Summit


Work has been focused on the monetary policy of the Economic Union of Central Africa and the socio-economic accords with the European Union.


Before the need to revitalize the political and economic institutions of CEMAC (the Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa), the Council of Ministers of the Economic Union of Central Africa (UEAC) evaluated the topics that will be presented at the Summit of Heads of State on Saturday 30 July.

The evolution of monetary policy in Central Africa has been one of those issues, as well as the report on the socio-economic agreement with the European Union.

The work of the Council of Ministers began on 23 July and will end on 30 July.

At the meeting, among others, attendees included the Chairperson of the CEMAC Commission, Rosario Mbasogo Kung and the Minister of State to the Presidency of Government responsible for Regional Integration, Baltasar Engonga General Edjo.

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