Visa application guidelines

Visa application guidelines

General requirements

  1. Visa application forms must be completed in full accordance with the data contained in travel documents submitted: personal details, date, and signature of the applicant.
  2. Three recent colour photos must be attached.
  3. In the case of minors, the application must be signed by a legal representative.
  4. Passports must be valid for at least six months after the applicant’s departure from Equatorial Guinea.
  5. Applicants must provide a criminal record certificate issued by the local administration of residence, valid for at least three months from the date of issue.
  6. Visa applications (excluding express visas) require a fee of £100. Express visa applications require a fee of £180. This can be paid via cash or cheque.
  7. Applicants must present a round-trip plane ticket reservation or a proof of exit of the country.
  8. The usual processing time for an ordinary visa is 4 working days; for express visas 48 hours. The deadline will start running since the embassy has received the full application, passport, and supporting documentation, and confirmation of payment.
  9. Applicants do not need to bring the application personally to the embassy, provided the embassy receives their passport, three copies of the application and any supporting documents, the application can be processed.
  10. The visa application fee is NON-REFUNDABLE

Additional requirements

  1. Non-British citizens living in the United Kingdom must present their UK community residence card.
  2. Individuals who are resident in the United Kingdom who originate from Equatorial Guinea but who do not have an Equatorial Guinean passport1 must follow the same requirements with the exception of number 5. The letter of invitation must always be a family member resident in Equatorial Guinea and accompanied by a copy of the passport of the host.
  3. Tourist visitors must submit a bank statement with a balance of at least £2000, in order to show that they have the economic means for their stay in Equatorial Guinea, along with a confirmed hotel reservation and proof of exit, for example a round-trip ticket.
  4. Business visitors require a letter of invitation from the Ministry of National Security of Equatorial Guinea, which is valid for 30 business days, as well as a letter from their company describing their purpose and assuring their financial support during the stay. In addition they must provide a confirmed hotel reservation and proof of exit, for example a round-trip ticket.
  5. Visitors from religious orders must present a letter of invitation from the related Congregation, authorised by the Minister of Justice and Homeland Security for Equatorial Guinea.

Important note: The Embassy reserves the right to request additional information or refuse the requested visa, regardless of the documentation submitted. Completion of a visa application does not guarantee that a visa will be granted.

1 Individuals who were born in Equatorial Guinea or has least one parent who was born in Equatorial Guinea.

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