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S.E. Sra.. Mari- Cruz EVUNA ANDEME
S.E. Sra.. Mari- Cruz EVUNA ANDEME


H.E. Mrs. Mari- Cruz EVUNA ANDEME

Welcome to the website of the Embassy of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea in the United Kingdom. Over the past three years, ties between our two countries have continued to develop and strengthen at a greater pace than ever before, and it has been an honour to witness this progress. The bilateral relationship is characterised by continued growth in mutual trade relations, senior political engagement and friendship with broader regional interests.

As Equatorial Guinea continues to build a greater relationship with UK businesses and institutions, it is also building a stronger and healthier domestic environment. Equatorial Guinea is currently working on its application to become a candidate country within the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) as part of our continued drive to improve transparency. In addition, Equatorial Guinea is also working towards the principles set forth by the Open Government Partnership—an international platform, co-founded by the UK Government, which seeks to drive further political accountability and openness in countries around the world.

As the Millennium Development Goals programme of the United Nations comes to a close in 2015, Equatorial Guinea has recorded, and continues to make, significant progress in the prescribed areas. The Post-2015 Development Agenda, characterised by the Sustainable Development Goals, seeks to promote greater economic and social progress around the world. Equatorial Guinea is fully committed to these objectives, and will strive for progress in each of the targeted areas for reform, once the new directives are adopted by the United Nations. The Embassy of Equatorial Guinea in London will continue to monitor the country’s advancement to ensure that real, sustainable change is being made.

In London, the Embassy’s “Afro-Hispanic Cultural Week” will feature the evolution of the Fashion Design industry in Equatorial Guinea. We hope that it will be enjoyable to all visitors and participants. This year, we are launching a new initiative “EG-Globetrotters’, highlighting success stories of Equatoguinean nationals in the United Kingdom. We hope that their achievement will encourage and inspire those that wish to establish themselves in the UK. Our website will continue to provide information on these and other subjects, including current events, budget transparency, investment opportunities and tourism. We anticipate that you will enjoy our content and find what you are looking for.

As relations between Equatorial Guinea and the United Kingdom continue to grow and intensify on the political and institutional levels, our mission will also seek to foster greater awareness of the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the peoples of both nations.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any queries that you may have.


Ambassador of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea to the United Kingdom

The Ambassador of Equatorial Guinea, Ms Mari-Cruz Evuna Andeme, presents her credentials to The Queen at Buckingham Palace,
24 October 2012

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